About us:


•    Bashayerhyper.com Founded in April 2012 the one of the first online shopping
    experiences which makes life for Cairo residents easier. Daily routine with
    its list of things to do can be hectic, so why not find a way to streamline
    it wherever possible? That is why Bashsyer.com has set out to make shopping
    a pleasure instead of a chore. By applying the latest secure technology along
    with top quality produce, and the latest products availablein the market, we
    aims to bring you all you need in a few precise but easy steps.

•    Using a streamlined ordering and delivery process groceries, household goods
    and other lifestyle essentials, bashayerhyper.com delivers directly to your
    door. It provides a consistently high standard of products to a discerning
    market, handled by a managerial team that boasts substantive skills and strong
    backgrounds in telecommunications, IT and Business Administration. They have
    set out to ensure that all facets of the operation are streamlined to maintain
    a seamless operation from the first customer contact to the delivery of each order.
    Following the lead of similar ventures worldwide that are carving out a profitable
    niche for themselves bashayerhyper.com is responding to a need for the same
    quality service in the local Egyptian market.


•    We also offer a wide selection of products at unbelievably low prices and big
    discounts, ranging from your pantry needs to cleaning and to baby and beauty
    and cosmetic products;the same trusted and reliable brands that you can find
    in your local supermarkets. Save time and do your shopping anywhere you are,
    whatever you are doing and anytime of the day you want. You can actually order
    your goods even while you’re in your bed at early morning.   

    With online shopping you do not need to go around the shelves pushing a heavy
    grocery cart or wait on long queues or drive from your home to the grocery
    and back or fight for a parking space anymore.You can also save up to 50% on
    selected items! Because we do not need to spend any more on expensive commercial
    space rentals, shelves, cash registers and scanners, we can concentrate on
    bringing you products in extremely lower prices.